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Gather a group of friends, family or colleagues and book a private, educational whiskey tasting. The evening begins with a welcome cocktail and a charcuterie platter as you begin your themed whiskey educational journey.

You have a choice of four whiskey tasting themes: 

  • Mash Bill Tasting - Learn about and taste four different 100% grain whiskeys and a bourbon to explore how different grains taste in a whiskey. All of the whiskeys you'll taste are made here in Colorado.

  • American Single Malt Tasting - Learn about this newly recognized whiskey category here in the U.S. Sip through five American Single Malts made across the country. All are either award winning expressions or from award winning distilleries.

  • Taste of Western Colorado - Explore five different whiskeys from distilleries on the western side of Colorado (none from Grand Junction). Discuss each distillery and how they are making their whiskey and spirits.

  • Barrel Magic - Oak Barrels play an integral part in the maturation of whiskey and impart delightful flavors to whiskey. In this tasting we'll explore five different whiskeys and how time spent in a barrel influences its aroma and flavor.

Private Whiskey Tasting Fees:

  • $150 for 4 friends (includes charcuterie and 1 hour space rental Mon-Thurs)

  • $175 for 4 friends (includes charcuterie and 1 hour space rental Fri-Sun)

  • $200 for 8 friends (includes charcuterie and 1 hour space rental Mon-Thurs)

  • $225 for 8 friends (includes charcuterie and 1 hour space rental Fri-Sun)

* For a 90 minute Private Tasting add $40 (Mon-Thurs) or $50 (Fri-Sun)

** Reach out if you have a larger party, are interested in hosting in your home or alternative space, or want to explore a different theme using your personal whiskey collection.

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