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Whiskey Notes Volume 1.24

As a 2024 WSWC member, from time-to-time you’ll receive a sample of whiskey that you can take home and taste. The whisk(e)y might be a bottle gifted to me or one I might find interesting that I want to share with the whiskey club family. Each time you receive a sample, it’ll include details about the whiskey and a tasting sheet.

I’ll invite you to enjoy the sample at home, perhaps practice some sensory skills (unload that spice cabinet), and then come back here and share your comments (nose, palate, finish, and anything else) with the rest of your whiskey club friends.

For the first sample that you received in your goodie bag, here’s some information.

Larceny Straight Bourbon Whiskey (Heaven Hill)

Barrel Proof

Batch C923  (meaning their third release of the year in September of 2023)

Mashbill: 68% Corn, 20% Wheat, 12% Malted Barley

Proof 126.4 | ABV 63.2%

Mingling of 6–8-year barrels

MSRP: $60.

Special Note: Costco took a huge shipment of this release and could perhaps still be found in Denver-area Costco for $55.99. I've also seen the bottle in a few liquor stores around town, but beware of increased SRP.

Recognition: Fred Minnick's Top 100 Whiskeys – Rank #2

Hope you enjoy this bourbon. Share your thoughts in the comments. Cheers!

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Share your thoughts, nose, palate, finish notes here in the comments

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